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We are Lumbar to build your dream true by developing the new future with fascinating opportunities for you.

Development can be defined as a process of economic and social advancement in terms of the quality of human life. It can be measured in terms of culture, wealth, education, healthcare, opportunities and can be commonly classified by the following terms: HDI- human development index, a UN standardized measure based on 3 factors: life expectancy, literacy/education, and standard of living. GDP- Gross domestic product, the value of goods and services divided by the number of people in the country. The development has been traditionally classified into first, second, third world countries, or the global north/ south. However, this is where we reach a problem. There is a 'development continuum'. This means that there is not a gap separating rich from poor countries, North from the South.

All countries are at different stages of development- the Asian Tigers, BRICS, America- how do you actually define the term if it incorporates so many different types, levels, and stages? The second problems are that the term 'development' can be seen as 'western-centric' - destructive to traditional cultures and ways of life, damaging to indigenous populations or sustainability. Therefore, in conclusion, development is complex and difficult to define the term that requires unpicking and deconstructing, not simply taking for granted its meaning at face value.

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